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half term report
As we are enjoying the Mid-Season break let us look at the points championships are going.
CLASSICS. SPONSORED BY TONY FORREST. Anthony Morgan (19) and Trevor Cusack (25) are both on 94 points in their MK2 Escorts. In 3rd place is Mike Meade (464) with 85 points followed in 4th place by Adrian Boyle (195) on 41 points. Liam Bushe (99), Thomas Dilly (966), Andy O’Donnell (175), Joel Richardson (97), Alan Lenard (671), Mike Oliver (57) and Clive Richardson (976) make up the rest of the class. There are 3 more rounds left in the points championship and of course the big Classics race the Irish Grand Prix on the weekend 6th/ 7th October.

JUNIORS. SPONSORED BY McNAMARA MOTORSPORT. With 5 rounds left it is very tight at the top. Cathal McGivern (887) has a one point lead over Eoghan Burke (12). Evin Harding (199) is third a further 38 points back. In fourth spot is the first of our female drivers Lisa Nelson (895).The top five is finished by Colleen O’Sullivan. So far this season the grids have been good with a total of 24 different drivers competing.

PREMIER RODS SPONSORED BY WESTON ELECTRICAL. The entertainment by the Premier Rods so far this season has been, on the whole, first class. Regular racing and points scoring is the main reason the leaders are at the top of the table. Joe Fitzgerald (77) is in the top spot on 169 points. Paddy Boland (30) is just 33 points behind in second. Kieran Burke (656) is next in line. A total of 20 cars have been on the grid this year.

PRODUCTIONS SPONSORED BY SOS ROLL CAGES AND RACE PREP. We have seen a number of new builds in Productions this year. Having 7 more points races left it is fairly open at the top. Sean Lynch (87) is in the lead on 104 points. Michael Russell (38) is close behind on 84points. Former Stock Rod driver Graham Nelson (95) is third with 80 points. In total we have 24 drivers competing this year, averaging 12 each race day.

STOCK RODS WITH VARIOUS SPONSORS. Although we have 15 drivers registered in the class the weekly turnout has been low. The top two drivers have a large lead over the rest of the field. Anthony McGinty (36), having scored points in every race, leads on 157 points followed by William O’Donovan (10) on 149. William has also scored in every round. John Shanahan, who has stepped up from Productions, is third on 87 points. If anyone is to catch the leaders they need to score well in the remaining 6 rounds.

2LTR HOTRODS SPONSORED BY FRANKIE POWER ELECTRICAL. There is a tie at the top of the leader board. Declan Duffy (436) and John Sinclair (752) have 121 points each. Eric Wakefield (947) is third in the total of 10 cars in the class. Rumours are strong that at least two more cars will be joining the class soon.

LIGHTNING RODS SPONSORED BY VARIOUS PEOPLE. The Lightning Rods have 5 rounds left in their championship and it is close at the top. Mark Glesson (679) on 148 leads by 2 over Anthony Crosbie (493) It is good to see Anthony having a good run after a couple of big wrecks in the last three years. David Connolly (644) is third on 121 points. Tony Kenny (13) is fourth on 100 points. Hopefully we will see all 12 registered drivers out on the one day.

OPEN CLASS RWD SPONSORED BY LOCK DOCTOR. In the first year since the open class was split between fwd and rwd to have 8 cars competing is very good. Donal Linehan (732) leads on 110 points. Drew Russell (333) is second on 68 points. Barry Barrable (98) is third back on 53 points.

OPEN CLASS FWD SPONSORED BY LOCK DOCTOR. Most of the cars are old class three runners. John McElligot lads in his very fast Starlet with 120 points. Dan Moloney (10) is next on 105 followed by (390) Daniel O’Sullivan. A total of 10 cars are registered in the class.

NATIONAL HOTRODS SPONSORED BY ADVANCE PITSTOP. The Nationals have been the backbone of oval racing for a number of years and hopefully will continue to be so. The track points championship is being led by Jeff Riordan (925), who will have been to the world championship by the time you read this, on 158 points followed by David O’Regan (208) on 119 points David is doing a balancing act between the National and a successful run in Pick up racing in the U.K. Third place is held by Damien Mulvey (51) who is also going to the world championship.

All the figures are based on information on MYLAPS. We hope to see everyone back at Tipperary Raceway for the second half of the season starting off with the meeting on 29th July which includes a demolition derby.

Added: 18/7/18

Build rules for demolition cars will be up shortly.

Added: 4/7/18

First half of season done.
With the championships now coming up, it is time for our mid season break. Good luck to all our drivers travelling to world and british meetings up north and across the pond.

Added: 4/7/18

Change of dates
Please not the following date changes. Saturday 28th changed to Sunday 29th July with Demolition derby added.
Sunday 12th August@ 1:00pm brought forward to Saturday 11th @5:pm

Added: 13/06/18

Junior Rod statement
Statement of SOHRA

The officials have met in relation to the type of vehicle allowed to compete in the junior class and have decided to make the following change to come into effect for the 2019 season.
The formula is continuously growing and with the introduction this year of a restrictive plate to effectively slow the pace of the cars for the safety of drivers it has been decided to close the class to Nissan Micra cars only so anyone considering building a car of another make and model please note it WILL NOT BE ALLOWED RACE in any way for the 2019 and on seasons. This will be reviewed in 2020.
The making of this statement is solely to prevent any unnecessary expense to competitors.

Added: 12/06/18

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