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Tipperary Raceway Lighnting Rod Championship
Well done to(679) Mark Gleeson winner of Tipperaryracewaysora lighnting rod championship last night.
2nd(600) David O Brien 3rd(670) Paddy Graham and 4th (614)Richard Mc Namara. Report and results of last night's racing coming soon.

Added: 25/5/2014

Tipperary Raceway 24-5
This Saturday night sees us back at Tipperary Raceway and things are hotting up for Ipswich 2014 Speed weekend.

The lightning rods have the Tipperary Raceway Cup (closed Championship) this Saturday night. With numbers back up in this class, it should be close racing. The man on form at the moment is (679) Mark Gleeson with a hat trick of wins 2 weeks ago, who can stop him this weekend?

The national hot-rods are back out with us and have round two of the Billy Walsh cup. While this is going on, they also have to make up points for Ipswich, with our top 3 drivers going over to race against the cream of the crop on the 5th and 6th of July. All points can be found on National Hotrod.com or click on link at bottom of page.

Also our stock rods are on show. With points building up for Ipswich for this class, things are really hotting up. Four of our drivers are traveling over for the stock rod world final, also on the speed weekend. Here s the top 10 for Stock Rods World points going into this weekend:

1. 83 150pts
2. 879 132pts
3. 894 121pts
4. 36 112pts
5. 35 100pts
6. 803 98pts
7. 24 81pts
8. 80 64pts
9. 8 55pts
10. 160 51pts

The night is supported by all other classes and racing starts at 6:00 pm.

Added: 23/5/14

Tipperary Raceway 10/5
Last Saturday night saw a very wet and windy track at Tipperary Raceway and first to meet the track were the National Hot-rods. In heat one (#17) Gary Kelly lead away followed by (#970) Shane Murphy and (#261) David Casey who got great starts on the wet track. By lap two Murphy had taken the lead followed by Casey and then Kelly. Behind that (#200)Donovan and (#982) MacSweeney made the field and remained in this order until the finish line.
Heat 2 saw (#777) Les Compelli join the grid. Murphy and Casey began the heat with a tussle into turn one, with Casey ending up in the grass and red flags being brought out. On the restart Kelly led away with Casey in tow and Murphy behind. Casey went outside Kelly for lead followed by Murphy and three laps later Murphy went side by side with Casey for four laps and took the lead. From there on Murphy and Casey pulled away with Kelly third.(#955) Damien Mulvey joined the final after just arriving back from his honeymoon. Kelly lead away again followed by Murphy and Casey with lightning starts off the line. By lap two Murphy and Casey were going the outside of Kelly followed by Donovan, Compelli, Mulvey and MacSweeney. From there on Murphy was away but Casey closer this time with Kelly keeping third for the flag and followed by Compelli, Donovan, Mulvey, and Mac Sweeney.
For the Nationals fourth race it was round one for the Billy Walsh cup which is going to be run over the next three rounds of racing. On the drop of the flag Casey got the jump on Mulvey followed by Murphy, Kelly and Compelli. By lap two Murphy got up the inside of Casey, and Mulvey seemed to go into the bottom bend abit heavy and slid into the wall, that moved Kelly into third and Compelli fourth. Red flags saw an end to this race.

Junior A class saw 8 cars on track and a clean sweep for young Ian Riordan with two heat wins and a final win. Heat one (#162) Ian Riordan got away early to win with a red flag brought out with (#867) Tommy Daly 2nd and (#460) Jack Donovan 3rd. Heat 2 saw (#888) Molly OSullivan lead away while Daly and Donovan battled for 2nd and Riordan coming through the field. Riordan with a move around the outside of all three to take the lead and the win followed by OSullivan and Donovan taking third.
Riordan made no mistakes to come through the field again to win the final. Second place was a battle to watch with Daly taking it on the line from Donovan and OSullivan fourth.

Premier Rods saw 9 cars on track and with the two heat wins going to (#110) Adrian Gleeson it seemed like there was no stopping him on the wet track. Gleeson started the final at the back and was using the outside line well until he got tagged in the bottom bend by (#608) Cathal Morrissey, and Gleeson spun. That gave (#607) Mark Walsh the lead, and the win in his new car, followed by (#13) Tony Kenny and (#10) Michael Corcoran.

The Stock Rods are the most competitive formula in Tipperary at the moment with (#83) Alan Mc Cormack current Stock Rod European champion and (#894) Colm OSullivan, Irish Masters champion, great side by side racing can be seen in this class. With thirteen cars on track racing was close through the pack for heat one but it was Mc Cormack who came away with the win followed by OSullivan and (#879) Alan Ramsey. Heat two saw (#617) Philip Heery break away from a six car battle for second and it was OSullivan and Mc Cormack that came through to close down on Heery with OSullivan taking the win on the line from Heery and Mc Cormack. The final saw Heery away again from the front while the pack fought over second, red flag came out for (#39) John Ramsey on the bottom corner. On the restart Heery was away again with a battle for second, again it was OSullivan and Mc Cormack out around the outside of the pack to chase Heery. OSullivan dived down the inside of Heery for the lead which saw him to the finish line followed by Heery, Mc Cormack and (#36) McGinty.

Production Rods saw elven cars on track with (#124) Trevor OBrien usually in a stock rod out for a spin and (#85) Daniel Hayde out in the spare (#827)Barry ODwyer car. Heat one saw (#375) Leanne Hallisey and (#361) Barry Casey coming together in the bottom corner. On the restart (#48) Keith Kirwan led away but was closed down quickly by ODwyer and OBrien followed by (#160) Cormac ODonnell and (#351) Darren Williams. ODwyer made his move for the lead followed closely by OBrien but it was OBrien who retook the lead and eventually the win, with ODwyer second and ODonnell taking third. Heat two saw ODwyer make his move early for the lead, and remaining there for the win while OBrien and ODonnell fought over second with OBrien taking it in the end from ODonnell.
The final saw OBrien make his move early up to the front followed closely by ODwyer into second, and Williams and ODonnell fighting over third. ODwyer stayed with OBrien for every move he made but on the chequered flag it was OBrien for the win, ODwyer second, ODonnell and Williams taking third and fourth.

Lightning rods saw (#653) Emon Byrne back with a revamped car, it was (#679) Mark Gleeson who was a man on a mission in the rain taking the two heats and the final. In heat one Gleeson made his way to the front early and took heat win followed by (#602) Adrian Mc Namara and (#674) Gerry Rogers. Heat two saw him do it again with Mc Namara and Rogers behind. The final saw Gleeson come through the field again on the outside line in the rain with Mc Namara second again with (#676) Sean Ryan third.

Racing again Saturday 24th may first race away 18:00.
Added: 12/5/2014

Attention all Classes
It has been brought to our attention that some clarity is required for ALL CLASSES and NEW CARS being built for the 2014 season.

Would all drivers please note that NO CAR can be DESKIMMED from the WAISTLINE up.

Added: 11/1/14

Tipperary Raceway 2014
Tipperary Raceway staff and volunteers would like to wish everyone a belated happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We would also like to thank all our drivers for their support in Tipperary Raceway the last 12 months,home and away.

We would also like to thank those of you who are on the banks every meeting that are there to support the drivers. We thank you for this support and hope to see you all again in 2014.

We would also like people to take a moment to think of three close friends that we lost during the year that were associated with Tipperary Raceway:
939 Pat Canavan,85 Stuart Carter, and Mr David Haird - May they rest in peace.

And finlly a hat-tip to all our sponsors for their generous support throughout 2013 - thank you very much.

Here is to 2014,hope to see ye all soon.

Added: 01/01/2014

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