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Championship night
Junior A Jack O'Donovan
Junior B Conor Quigley
Premier Rods Mark Walsh
Tom Hennerby Cup Darren McNamara

Full results and report to follow later

Added: 24//08/14

Irish Grand Prix for Classic Hotrods
Saturday 23rd August sees the classic hotrods return for the inaugural running of the Irish Grand Prix. The race is being
sponsored by Weston Electrical. A number of cars from the UK have already booked in so we should have a good field of Classics to watch.
Saturday is also Cup Championships for Junior A, Junior B and Premier Rods. Davy O'Brien through O'Briens Autos Callan and Fethard has kindly agreed to sponspor the Junior B Championship. The Magee family will sponsor the Premier Rod Cups. We still require a sponsor for the Junior A cup. Bill Daly of Dalys Car sales Bansha is sponsoring the Tom Hennerby Memorial cup for Productions. A large number of cars is expected for this annual race.
Lightning Rods. Visitors and National Hotrods complete the line up for a packed night of racing.

So come along and expect to see a fantastic evenings racing.

Important notice for drivers:

ALL cars must be at the track early, gates open 3pm. Drivers briefing will be at 4.50pm with practice starting at 5pm sharp. The 1st race MUST START AT 6PM.

Added: 19/08/2014

Tipperary Raceway 24/5
Saturday evening saw a very wet track at Tipperary raceway and with heavy Rain Showers pouring down before racing started we were in for a good night racing.

The lightning Rods had their Challenge cup and with up to 10 cars on track it looked like we were in for a cracking nights racing. With (987)Francis Rafferty returning to Tipperary after a long break he was going to run off the back of the pack for the night not counting for the cup. (600) David O Brien was also with us with his newly reshelled car that looked like it wouldnt go again after a crash a couple of weeks ago.
Heat 1 saw (670) Paddy Graham away from the front row into the lead followed by (653) Eamon Byrne, (614) Richard McNamara, (602) Adrian McNamara. By lap 6 (679) Mark Gleeson had made his move into the top 5 and. Graham started to pull a slight lead with Gleeson making his way through the field into 2nd with Byrne, R McNamara following in tow. Graham had enough of a lead when the flag dropped followed by Gleeson, Byrne McNamara, A McNamara, and OBrien
Heat 2 saw Gleeson and OBrien front row and when the green flag dropped Gleeson was in front for turn one. With the rest of the pack fighting for third it gave these two a chance to get away and OBrien followed Gleeson moves on every part of the track for the whole race until the chequered flag dropped. While this went on 3rd was a close battle among all in the pack with Rafferty coming through followed by Graham, R McNamara and (676) Sean Ryan.
The final saw a front row with Gleeson on pole and Graham beside him second row saw OBrien and A Mc Namara. on the green flag Gleeson got away from Graham with OBrien, A Mc Namara, R Mc Namara and (630) Noel Hadden. By lap 3 Gleeson had pulled a gap from the rest but all eyes were on second place with OBrien trying to make the outside move on Graham. With that failing OBrien fell back in behind Graham again and stayed for a few laps which saw R Mc Namara 4th at this stage and Rafferty 5th. With Gleeson well in the lead OBrien made a second move on the outside of Graham again and it took a few laps side by side again but this time OBrien got ahead of Graham for 2nd. With the chequered flag dropping for Gleeson followed by OBrien 2nd Graham 3rd and Rafferty 4th , and R Mc Namara 5th but Rafferty not getting points on the day R mc Namara taking 4th instead.

National Hotrods
(17) Gary Kelly led away the pack but into turn one saw(261) David Casey and (200) Eamon ODonovan coming together with ODonovan in the wall and with damage to both cars a red flag was brought out. On the restart Kelly lead away again followed by Murphy (982) Tom McSweeney and (740) Ruari Cooke. By lap 4 Murphy made his move around the outside of Kelly for the lead and from there started to pull away which saw them that way till the flag dropped.Heat 2; This saw Kelly led away again from the start with Murphy into 2nd by the first turn followed by Casey,ODonovan,Cooke and McSweeney.Murphy made his move on lap 2 on the outside of Kelly again and pulled away from the field. Casey had moved by Kelly into 2nd and Kelly and ODonovan was door on door for a couple of laps with ODonovan getting the better of Kelly for 3rd with Cooke in 4th.
The final saw (955) Damien Mulvey join the pack and with the track drying out tyre choice was critical. Kelly led away again but this time Casey was on the move around the outside of Mulvey and Kelly. Murphy was making his way through the field and caught Casey with 5 to go. Murphy made a move to the outside a couple of times but with the greasy track couldnt make the move for the lead but was beside Casey going over the line with Mulvey 3rd then ODonovan, Kelly, and Cooke.
The Nationals had a 4th race for round 2 of Billy Walsh Cup. Murphy got away out in front followed by ODonovan, Mulvey, Casey and Kelly. With a dry track there Casey had made his way up to 3rd but Murphy had opened out a lead that the rest couldnt reel in. Murphy crossed the line with ODonovan, Casey, Mulvey and Kelly

Premier Rods saw 13 cars on track and with 3 different winners in all the 3 races, racing was close all night and Heat 1 saw (13) Tony Kelly and (50) Shane Quinlan having a great battle for the lead but when Quinlan moved in to the lead the red and chequered flag was brought out and Quinlan winner from Kenny and (110) Adrian Gleeson 3rd.
Heat 2 saw (197) Brian fennessy out in the lead with the pack sorting themselves out for a few laps. (607) Mark Walsh, (110) Aidan Gleeson, (608) Cathal Morrissey all came through the field to catch the front runners. With 5 laps to go Gleeson made his move to the lead and to see the chequered flag followed by Walsh and Morrissey.
The final saw (188) Christopher Nagle come out in front into turn one followed by (13) Tony Kenny and (107) Michael Corcoran. Nagel and Kenny were pulling away and fighting for the lead with Gleeson gone into 3rd and moving fast. The red flag was brought out over halfway when (29) Alan Burke meet the wall down the back straight and Nagle broke his duck for his first final win with Kenny 2nd and Gleeson 3rd.

Stock rods saw 16 cars on track with ex National hot rod driver Brendan OConnell out in his new car and (109) David Murray. The wet track wasnt a help but it was (10) William ODonovan who was the man in form with 2 heat wins. Heat 1 saw ODonovan pull out a slight lead but when the pack sorted themselves out it was (24) Jason OBrien, (894) Colm OSullivan, (83) Alan McCormack that were with him when they crossed the line.
Heat 2 saw ODonovan away again and with the pack sorting themselves out he started to pull a slight lead. (617) Philip Heery was bringing the pack along with (36) Anthony McGinty, McCormack, OSullivan, Brien and (35) Mark Buckley. ODonovan held his lead till the chequered flag and the rest holding their positions as above.
The final saw (92) Rory Murphy away from the front and with a lot of battles going on behind him he had pulled a slight lead over the pack. ODonovan had worked his way to 2nd and Heery to 3rd but a slight mistake by Heery in the bottom bend saw (803) Sean Kenny through and with him OBrien, OSullivan, Buckley and McCormack. At the chequered flag it was Murphy who got there in front of ODonovan followed by Kenny, OBrien, OSullivan, and Buckley.

Junior rods had few numbers so they joined both classes together. This saw some great driving from these youngsters on a very wet track and a credit to their parents that bring them week in week out. Junior B class saw a hatch trick of wins for young (43) Conor Quigley with (800) Eoin OBrien 2nd and (824) Niall OBrien 3rd and these results were for all 3 races. The junior A class saw a hatch trick of wins for young (460) Jack ODonovan. Heat 1 saw ODonovan come through the pack and take a nice win with (15) Billy Ryan 2nd (888) Mollie OSullivan 3rd and (184) Adam Brown 4th. Heat 2 saw ODonovan do the same again but had a battle with OSullivan for the lead this time. After claiming the lead ODonovan saw it to the flag followed by OSullivan, Ryan and Brown. The final saw Ryan out in the lead but OSullivan and ODonovan were coming quickly followed by Brown. ODonovan made his move by OSullivan and then Ryan for the lead and OSullivan passed Ryan for second. At the flag it was ODonovan, OSullivan, Ryan and Brown.

Productions saw 8 cars on the track and with 2 heat wins for (827) Barry ODwyer he seemed to be the lad in form on the wet track. When the final came around the track was drying slowly. The final saw (351) Darren Williams out front followed by (801) Robert Magee, (37) Robbie Ryan and Dwyer. Ryan and Dwyer Caught Magee and traded places with each other until Magee and ODwyre have a slight coming together with each other on the last bend. Williams was well clear for the win with Magee coming 2nd and ODwyre 3rd and Ryan 4th.

Can Drivers and spectators please note that there is no Racing next Saturday evening 31st May as previously advertised but we are Racing Sunday 1st june 1:00pm instead all classes racing on the day.

Added: 28/5/2014

Tipperary Raceway Lighnting Rod Championship
Well done to(679) Mark Gleeson winner of Tipperaryracewaysora lighnting rod championship last night.
2nd(600) David O Brien 3rd(670) Paddy Graham and 4th (614)Richard Mc Namara. Report and results of last night's racing coming soon.

Added: 25/5/2014

Tipperary Raceway 24-5
This Saturday night sees us back at Tipperary Raceway and things are hotting up for Ipswich 2014 Speed weekend.

The lightning rods have the Tipperary Raceway Cup (closed Championship) this Saturday night. With numbers back up in this class, it should be close racing. The man on form at the moment is (679) Mark Gleeson with a hat trick of wins 2 weeks ago, who can stop him this weekend?

The national hot-rods are back out with us and have round two of the Billy Walsh cup. While this is going on, they also have to make up points for Ipswich, with our top 3 drivers going over to race against the cream of the crop on the 5th and 6th of July. All points can be found on National Hotrod.com or click on link at bottom of page.

Also our stock rods are on show. With points building up for Ipswich for this class, things are really hotting up. Four of our drivers are traveling over for the stock rod world final, also on the speed weekend. Here s the top 10 for Stock Rods World points going into this weekend:

1. 83 150pts
2. 879 132pts
3. 894 121pts
4. 36 112pts
5. 35 100pts
6. 803 98pts
7. 24 81pts
8. 80 64pts
9. 8 55pts
10. 160 51pts

The night is supported by all other classes and racing starts at 6:00 pm.

Added: 23/5/14

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